Business Administration

With Coursework Emphasis in Accounting or Management

The Accounting Emphasis in the Associate of Applied Science Business Administration Program prepares students for entry into the accounting field as bookkeepers, accounting clerks, or accounting assistants who perform routine calculations, posting duties, check items on reports, summarize and post data in designated books and perform a variety of other duties such as preparing invoices or monthly statements, preparing payrolls, verifying bank accounts, keeping record files and making periodic reports of business activities.

The Management Emphasis in the Associate of Applied Science Business Administration Program focuses on management principles, marketing, accounting, office management and small business management. A management graduate enters business as a supervisory trainee who will coordinate activities and direct personnel to attain operational goals. Management supervisors assign duties to workers and establish work schedules. They may also evaluate performance and may recommend hiring, promotions, and dismissals.

Due to the rapid changes in employment opportunities, technological advances and certifying agency regulations, these programs are subject to change.

Program Outcomes

  • communicate effectively with customers, suppliers, employees, and other stakeholders, using standard business terminology;
  • analyze business situations and evaluate possible solutions in the context of the business setting;
  • work effectively in a team and group setting;
  • apply an understanding of the management process inclusive of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling resources within organizations;
  • utilize computer applications for appropriate managerial analysis, presentations, and reports;
  • practice within the legal, ethical, and economic standards of the business environment.

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             2-Year Term-To-Term Plan

Minimum 90-91 credit hours; includes 23 credit hours of General Education courses and 53 credits in Business Administration core courses. Students select an emphasis area in either Accounting or Management, with the AAS degree including 18-19 credits in the selected emphasis area. Consult a program advisor for assistance in planning General Education courses. MTH 65 is required for graduation. Students must meet TBCC graduation requirements, including General Education and Math and English competencies.

College entry-level competencies in English and in computational skills must be met. Placement tests are available for writing and math. Additional skill requirements for individual business courses are listed in the Course Description section of this Catalog.


All degree candidates must comply with Comprehensive Requirements, Specific Requirements, and General Education Requirements for the AAS Degree

1-year Certificates available. See TBCC Catalog for more information.

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